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An efficient, portable, draw, paint, and design system for charcoal, ink, graphite, white and tinted papers, acrylics, watercolor, and oils.

The origins of art can be traced back to pre history. Humans started out creating marks with sticks in the dirt, and charcoal on walls, from around the fireplace. They created realistic and abstract images of animals and vegetation using colors made from earth and plant pigments. Much can be learned from studying the new and old masters. Art is beneficial for everyone regardless of career path or walk of life. Studies show that the education in the arts improves intelligence.

The optimalart studio is a system that makes the best use of fundamental studio art materials and techniques to effectively transfer ideas to paper and canvas. Create whenever inspired with the optimalart studio. The essence of simplicity and effectiveness. You supply the time and effort, the optimalart studio supplies everything else. Good for artists, scientists, and humans in general.

The Paint System

A complete pocket-sized easel palette, paint system for acrylics, watercolor, and, oils. A valuable addition to your art tools. Optional tripod accessory can be used. Replaceable lid-tight containers, allow paints to last for extended periods on the palette. Good for beginners and professional artists. Handle with care to prolong your enjoyment and productivity, and avoid breakage.


For Students For Artists & Scientists For Travelers & Art Lovers


The neutral middle tone grey value of the palette greatly increases accuracy in color mixing. Easy use and efficient spartan design for creativity without the bulk. Great for single session painting. Perfect for painting studies and smaller works. Good for use in the home, studio, classroom, and in the field.


The Draw System

Pen, graphite & white paper Charcoal & tinted paper


Create drawings whenever inspired, using the optimalart studio. Art is an essential part of humanity. Contribute to the future of pre historic art. Make a mark. The drawing process. Lost and found edges. Foreshortening, perspective and establishing a point of view. Draw from imagination, memory, and observation. Proportion, scale, and measuring visually. Draw simple objects quickly. Strive for accuracy. Drawing through the ages includes writing.


The unity of figure/ground relationships. Drawing is a process and a product. Find the shape and value of the negative space. Art is expression and communication. The great value of the self portrait is the present model. Structural analysis, anatomy, realism and abstraction. Value, color, rendering light and modeling form.